Wall Art

Mamarino decorative finish. Specialty plasters, faux finishes.Marmarino – a smooth hand-trowled plaster from Italy’s decorative past – creates a marbled look that blends well with logs, wood and antiques.

“You can’t achieve the same look with paint.” says Scott Landis of Landis Painting in Victor, Montana, who created the deep red texture on Matt Guzik’s dining room walls. “Paint is designed by nature to be opaque. this is more translucent.”

Italian plasters vary in texture and sheen. To produce Marmarino, which means “little marble” in Italian, crushed marble is mixed with lime. The multi-layered process begins with a scratch coat that creates an adhering surface for the next few layers. Scott then applies three colors, blending and smoothing them with a stainless steel trowel to achieve the desired depth, design and shade. He follows with a coat of carnauba wax and polishes the walls to a high gloss that feel like smooth stone to the touch yet maintain Marmarino’s distinctive textured appearance.


From Log Home Living Magazine
April 2004
page 38 Wall Art